Lettable Area

Lettable Area:


The total lettable area offices and storage 4.750 sqm
102 parking places are located in the garage.
Available: 0 places
The number of surface parking lots: 14
Available: 3 places
Available total Parking:   3 places

Parking Rent:

Garage: 90 EUR / car/month + VAT
Yard: 55 EUR / car/month + VAT

Office space for rent with common factor:

1–5th Floor: rented                      Side „A”
1st Floor: 75,27 sqm    Side „C”
2nd Floor:     rented       Side „C”
3rd Floor: rented                      Side „B+C”
4th Floor: rented                      Side „B+C”
5th Floor: 308,80 sqm            Side „C”
 5th  Floor:  339,08 sqm                 Side  „B”

Office rent:

Side „A+B+C”  9,5 EUR/sqm/month + VAT 

Service charge

Side „A+B+C”  5,3 EUR/sqm/month + VAT 

Electricity cunsuption:

Side "A+B+C"    0,15 EUR/sqm/month + VAT